Google Cloud Architecture Diagrams - Cacoo Stencil

A picture is worth thousand words and that's especially true when you propose and try to explain a complex architecture to a customer. We at Powerupcloud build an insane number of architecture diagrams - considering we help businesses transition to all major Public cloud platforms - AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud.

Since we are born in the cloud, a tool like Visio is alien to us and we never got good at wielding it properly in spite of our best efforts :). So naturally, Cacoo is the tool our choice to make the diagrams. We recently had to make one such diagram for a customer who is trying to build an innovative app on Google Compute Engine. The problem is, GCE doesn't have a set of icons we can use readily available. So we had to scrape through the support pages, partner connect pages and documentation to extract icons and I thought it would be cool to make a stencil out of it - to save the trouble for all you wonderful people who might make GCE diagrams. I have published it on Cacoo store and it is available free of cost here: Feel free to use it and you are welcome! :)

So here is a reference diagram we made using this stencil.

Happy diagramming!

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