Powerupcloud & Great Online Homes Festival (GOHF)

Powerupcloud is an enterprise class Cloud and Big Data consulting company focused on taking bleeding edge technologies to the next million businesses across the globe. Powerupcloud had partnered with some of the top Public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud to help customers run several web and big data applications.

In July 2015, Powerupcloud team achieved an important milestone by successfully running a massive e-commerce application on Google Cloud Platform for Google & Groupm's campaign - Great Online Homes Festival which was sponsored by Magicbricks in partnership with Paytm, Amazon, Livspace and Hicare.

What is Great Online Homes Festival (GOHF)?

GOHF is by far India's first and largest online realty festival which connected millions of users with property developers. This platform also helped users browse through the apartment designs and pre-book the apartments. There were other sections where the customers could buy home care needs. ET Article

Key Stats

  • Total visitors in 10 days: 5 Million
  • Projects booked: INR 300 Crore (USD 33 Million) in 10 days
  • Max sessions: 43,501 (GA report)
  • Objects served through CDN: 50 Million per day (CloudFlare report)
  • Max HTTP requests at load balancer: 2100 (GCP report)

How did Powerupcloud deliver this massive campaign?

  1. Cloud Management: Powerupcloud ran the GOHF site in Google Cloud with features like auto-scaling and high availability enabled
  2. Big Data: Powerupcloud also developed a time-triggered recommendation engine for GOHF which helped GOHF increase avg user time spent in the website
  3. The above workflows were decoupled and hence SPOF (Single Point of Failure) scenarios were avoided
  4. CI/CD capabilities have been enabled through Jenkins+Puppet which handles 4+ code releases per day
  5. CDN, DDoS & WAF protection were enabled for performance and security
  6. Powerupcloud also worked on application optimization by analyzing metrics from NewRelic, Pingdom and more

Tools & Technologies

Tools used: Google Cloud, Cloud Flare, New Relic, Datadog, Pingdom, GA
Technologies used: Apache Spark, Riak, Redis, Socket.io, MySQL, PHP, Node.js

Hope this excites you. Please get in touch with us to know more about this project or if your in need of any help on cloud, database and big data.

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