The Beginning

It was May, 2015. A bright hot sunny day in Bangalore. We (now co-founders) were having our regular 4:00 PM Tea in a nearby chai-joint discussing how hot Bangalore climate has become, discussing how bad the traffic is, discussing about the noisy construction site nearby and more. But we all had other thoughts running like rapid rivers inside our restless minds, waiting to burst out of an overloaded dam and eager to join its previously known free flowing path. All we needed was that small spark to ignite the Dynamite near the dam's flood gates.

And it happened. A mishap at our then employer's place led a lot of us into deep frustration. Highly disturbed, our tea meeting that day was not the usual one. We didn't utter a word about the worldly miseries. Everything happening in Bangalore seemed to be fine except us. We were quietly sipping our tea, looking into each other's eyes wondering if things would ever change so that we can get back to days of enjoying the work we do. Just when we were about to leave the chai-joint, I set the spark on to ignite the dynamite. I asked the group if they would join me if I start a consulting company which has high professionalism, which respects its associates, which is innovative and is set on an aggressive growth path. I got an unanimous and resounding YES.

Thus, Powerupcloud was born. Highly customer obsessed, the founding team had it in their DNA to provide undivided and unparalleled support to Powerupcloud's customers. This quality helped us to quickly scale into a 25 member team in 3 months with over 15 customers on-board.

Today with offices in Bangalore & Coimbatore, we can proudly say that we have arrived in the cloud market and are here to stay for a very long time. In coming days, we will share more details in this blog of our work, customer appreciations and product releases to keep you interested.

With a mission of helping next million businesses move to cloud by 2017, Powerupcloud has set its eye on the global market, working relentlessly to achieve this goal. Let's build a smarter, connected, efficient planet together. Join hands with us today and experience a premium class customer service.

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